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It’s really easy. All you have to do is email me a few good pictures and a brief description of the theme, and I’ll do the rest. I always email the caricature in pencil for your approval first. Then I ink, color and send your digital gift caricature directly to your inbox. If you’re a collector that prefers original artwork (I know I do), I will mail it to you priority via USPS. Please be sure to specify in your email.

Ari’s Caricature Bar Mitzvah Sign-In Board


Ari was very particular about what he wanted to incorporate into his sign-in board caricature. He wanted to be in a Met’s uniform running to second base, with the Citi field Apple and scoreboard in the background. He also wanted specific stats and his face on the scoreboard in the background. At first, Ari’s meticulousness overwhelmed me. There were so many elements that I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to incorporate them into an 11×14 sheet of paper. This challenge forced me to up my game and step up to the plate, and knock it out of the park (no pun intended).


Ari’s caricature sign-in board was created with Copic Markers on Canson layout paper. I shipped the original artwork to his parents who got it framed. The double matting of the Mets orange and blue is a nice touch that really ties the whole piece together. I couldn’t have done it any better myself. Well done Debbie and Marty!

Gift Caricature Samples

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