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The Location: LaStalla Restaurant in Newtown, PA.
LaStalla Restaurant, located in the same shopping center that I met my wife 13 years ago, is a Bucks County landmark. In addition to having a reputation for excellent italian food, LaStalla combines fine dining with an interesting twist: it’s a converted barn–established in 1929–that once acted as grains storage. As a Newtown native, I have walked, rode my bike and driven past LaStalla restauraunt more times that I can count; and have never been inside. However, thanks to Jakob’s excellent choice in locale, I can now say that I have been inside, enjoyed the food, and had an excellent experience.

The Music Theme
Since  Jakob and his father are both musicians, one could assume that it wasn’t hard to decide on a theme for his Bar Mitzvah. With a live band, The Kirko Band, providing the entertainment, a Fender Squire guitar sitting in for the traditional sign-in board, and caricatures of guests shredding on the guitar, Jakob’s Bar Mitzvah  proved to be the most Rockin’ Bar Mitzvah I’ve ever worked.

A Live Rock Band At A Bar Mitzvah
This was the first time I’ve heard live music at a Bar Mitzvah. Usually DJ services provide the soundtrack–consisting mainly of pop and dance music popular with the kids. But, for the first time in my caricature career I saw the music handled by a live band-The Kirko Band…and they rocked!

The members of the band were friends of Jakob’s father, a musician himself. As I drew caricatures in the room next to the live music, I couldn’t help but nod my head to the music of The Ramones, The Beatles and Rolling Stones covers.

With The Kirko Band taking a break to indulge in the excellent LaStalla food, Jakob and his buddies picked up the instruments. A feeling of nostalgia came across me as I listened to Nirvana and Green Day guitar riffs. I couldn’t help but reminisce about when I learned to play guitar with those exact riffs.

The Photographer
I am greeted with a familiar face as I enter the restaurant. Evan Leslie, the older brother of a close friend of mine, was the photographer. Evan did the photography at my wedding in 2008 and provided all the quality photographs of Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah you see on this page.

I can customize my caricatures to fit your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah theme. In addition to Jakob’s Rockin’ Bar Mitzvah, some of the other themes I’ve done include Hello Kittie, Marvel Comics, Monsters (See Derek’s Monster Bar Mitzvah), Beach Theme, and just about every sports theme you can imagine.

If you are interested in hiring a caricature artist for your Bar Mitzvah in the NJ or PA area email Chris!

More information specific to Chris Snee’s Bar Mitzvah caricature service can be found here: Bar Mitzvah Caricature Artist.

Client Testimonial
“Chris – we can’t thank you enough for the great job you did at Jakob’s bar mitzvah. Everyone was so thrilled with the caricatures and you did a great job handling the crowd of people waiting. Several of Jake’s friends even posted their caricatures as their Facebook status. My only regret is that I didn’t reserve some time to have you do my family before the party ended. We’ll save that for the next time we see you. Thanks again. Jamie”

Thinking of Hiring a Caricature Artist for your Bar Mitzvah?

If you're looking for entertainment for your guests that will last a lifetime, you've come to the right place! Caricatures are insanely popular at Bar / Bat Mitzvah's (I know this fact because a majority of the caricature jobs I've been hired for over the past 20 years have been Bar / Bat Mitzvahs). Here are some of the reasons why caricatures are perfect for Bar Mitzvah entertainment >>

Caricatures at Noah and Ben’s B’nai Mitzvah

Over the course of one year, I assisted Noah and Ben’s mom, Lori, plan this event. Our col­lab­o­ra­tive effort made for a unique party expe­ri­ence that included a caricature sign-in board, table place card illus­tra­tions and live car­i­ca­tures for the guests.

Caricatures at Derek’s Monster Bar Mitzvah

No Bar Mitzvah had me as excited and inspired as Derek’s Monster Bar Mitzvah in Hillsborough, New Jersey. I drew Derek’s guests as various hollywood monsters, comic book villians and other things that go “bump” in the night.

Caricatures at Noah’s “Car” Mitzvah

Noah’s car-themed Bar Mitzvah was a unique opportunity to utilize my talents as both Caricaturist and Graphic Designer. In addition to providing caricatures at the event, I also created the sign-in board, designed the event logo and created tee-shirts for all of Noah’s guests.

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